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Lads on Toure (wendayleague)

Captain : Ben Wood

Player: Ben Crooks

Player: Connor Woodhouse

Player: Freddie Aitken

Player: Fynn Wiggins

Player: Harry Dorrell

Player: Joe Georgiou

Player: Luca Vullo

Player: Tyler Felicien Brunt

Player: Will Scott

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Shot Ballers (wendayleague)

Captain : Tyrone Cazaubon

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Inter Yer Nan FC (wendayleague)

Captain : Tristan Cooke

Player: Ashton Smith

Player: Callum Pickstock

Player: Finlay Powell

Player: Harry Bennett

Player: Harry Ross

Player: Henry Vincett - Wilson

Player: Jack Whyman

Player: Jamie Bright

Player: Joe Parmley

Player: Lleyton Humphrey

Player: Mark Jerome

Player: Mason Crabtree

Player: Matt Nash

Player: Max Bickerstaff

Player: Mohamed Shakeer

Player: Ryan Powell

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Whitewash FC (wendayleague)

Player: Adam Sanders

Player: Alex Harris

Player: Alex Holland

Player: Brodie Carrington

Player: Callum Nicolson

Player: Charlie Woolley

Player: Corey Panter

Player: Corey Rodriguez

Player: Dan Hearn

Player: Ed McJannet

Player: Frankie Bish

Player: Fyn Jordan

Player: Harry Collison

Player: Jay Allen

Player: Joe ODell

Player: Joe Stewart

Player: Kem Wachuku

Player: Max Holland

Player: Montana Osborne

Player: Sam Parmley

Player: Spencer Ekwebelem

Player: Taylor Steer

Player: Teddie Connelly

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Welwyn2urmum (wandmleague)

Captain : Jack Livingstone

Player: Alfie Parrish

Player: Anthony Christodoulou

Player: Joe Kendrick-Gibson

Player: Jonathan Cushion

Player: Josh Hickton

Player: Josh Rowland

Player: Joshua Horleston

Player: Kyle Wood

Player: Lewis Bradley

Player: Max Edgell

Player: Max Vallory

Player: Tom Jackson

Player: William Parsley

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Ivory Toast (wendayleague)

Captain : Callum McManus

Captain : James de Cunha

Captain: James Wright

Captain: James de Cunha

Player: Ben Clark

Player: Ben Pulham

Player: Ben Smith

Player: Charlie Rees

Player: Dan Worsley

Player: James Edwards

Player: Jamie Rayner

Player: Jordan Williams

Player: Lee Mcdonald

Player: Matt Standen

Player: Nick Burtenshaw

Player: Oliver Jamieson

Player: Richard Milverton

Player: Richard Sheridan

Player: Robinson Lhaka

Player: Ryan Bartley

Player: Stuart Jones

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Old ‘n’ Pathetic (wendayleague)

Captain: David Houssein

Player: Adam Boyd

Player: Adam Wisker

Player: Christian Folly

Player: David Ball

Player: Jamie Bowron

Player: Jamie Fowler

Player: Joe Mansfield

Player: Keith Dymock

Player: Lee Digby

Player: Manjeev Grewal

Player: Michael Crouchen

Player: Rob Harow

Player: Tyler Smith

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Need a Bed (wendayleague)

Captain : Joe Hill

Player: Adam Benhacene

Player: Adam Goold

Player: Harrison Wasnock

Player: Hritvik Choudhary

Player: Mitchell Procter

Player: Ollie Smith

Player: Owen Clifford

Player: Shogo Washio

Player: Stanley Hurt

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Verboten FC (wandmleague)

Captain : Jonny Baynes

Player: Bailey Cripps

Player: Ben Foster

Player: Callum OShea

Player: Edward Sanders

Player: Jack Dickinson

Player: Jacko Kimberinho

Player: Jensen Read

Player: Joe Freeman

Player: Josh Wiseman

Player: Luke Hale

Player: Max Harris

Player: Ryan Bowden

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Pork Vale (wendayleague)

Captain : Kos Costa

Player: Jake Paton

Player: Josh Ramsdale

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Petr Cech Yourself (wendayleague)

Captain : Lewis Thomas

Captain : Sengan Anisiobi

Player: Ajeet Bagga

Player: Andy Glowdansky

Player: Daniel Belisle

Player: Gary Saraiva

Player: Harvey Lachinni

Player: Harvey Lachinni

Player: Jake Bunce

Player: James R Singer

Player: James Stammers

Player: James Watt

Player: Joe Francis

Player: Laurence Bloxham

Player: Liam Nichol

Player: Manjit Riyat

Player: Raihan Hussain

Player: Richard Yasotharan

Player: Robbie Stevens

Player: Scott Spraggs

Player: Stephen Smith

Player: Voni Maswanganyi

Player: chris boyce

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Our Souls FC (wendayleague)

Captain : Martin McMullan

Player: Ben Hewett

Player: Bilal Sulaman

Player: Caleb Gittens

Player: Chris Jones

Player: Dale McMullan

Player: Daniel Turner

Player: Ishmael Abdulai

Player: Jamie Ashley

Player: Jay Banham

Player: Lee Clark

Player: Lee Jeffery

Player: Levente Pikler

Player: Sam Fleming

Player: Sam Titmuss

Player: Terrence Jennings

Player: Tim Coffey

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Goose (wendayleague)

Captain : Sean Roper

Player: Adam Andrews

Player: Chris Johnson

Player: Dave Kelly

Player: Deane Harrison

Player: Gary Roper

Player: Luke Fabien

Player: Mark Chappell

Player: Onyekachi Ozu

Player: Paul Swann

Player: Ross Rowan

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Spartak Tesco (wendayleague)

Captain : Thomas Westcott

Player: Dylan Benson

Player: Flynn Whitelegg

Player: Hayden Baker

Player: Jack Pottinger

Player: Jude Tobin

Player: Luke Murray

Player: Ollie Conroy

Player: Sam Forbes

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Duddley FC (wandmleague)

Captain : Tommy Laing

Player: Albert Pointing

Player: Charlie Woolley

Player: James Riley

Player: Joe Odell



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